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Albela was a Famous Pakistani  Film Tv  Stage actor . Albela was Born in Gojra in 1941 .He performed in many films and stage dramas.  .Albela had also worked in a number of TV serials . He was very  popular comedian  .  He proved her acting skill in every field of acting  .He worked in Punjabi and urdu  stage shows and films . He was one of the founder of commercial theatre in Pakistan. Albela  was a very good actor  and very nice person .Albeela was an academy for young stage actors .Albela appeared in countless film, TV and stage dramas, bringing laughter with his comic acts and sardonic remarks.  and he has a fan base in Pakistan and throughout the world. Versatile stage actor Albeela  passed away in in Lahore on July 16, 2004.


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